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[Sticky] How to make a player report

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Player report

Have you seen someone using hacks? Did someone insult you? If you think someone is not following the rules, you can make a report. There are a few rules before making a player report, read the rules carefully, because when your player report is not right, it is possible that you receive a warning.



  • Always tell the truth about what happened.
  • Use the right form for making a player report. Using your own form will automatically make your player report denied.
  • When your player report got denied and you need more explanation you can ask a support employee for help.
  • Don't ask any management, moderator, support employee to invest your player report. The player report will be denied.
  • Always use a prove in your player report. We need it to have enough prove to warn or ban the player. Your prove can be a picture or videoclip.
  • Upload your prove on a website like, we don't want to download any content


Normally the management or moderator employees will invest your player report in 24 hours. It can take longer if we need to ask questions to the player that is reported. In some cases we won't let you know the consequences it will have for the player. If you want to know them, you can always ask a support employee for help.


Player rport form

Make a new topic in the player report forum and use the next form for your appeal:


Flox Management Team

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