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[Sticky] How to make a ban appeal

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Ban appeal

Have you been banned and do you not agree with your ban? You can make an appeal. There are a few rules before making a ban appeal, read the rules carefully, because when your ban appeal got denied you can make one again after 72 hours. 



  • Always tell the truth about what happened.
  • Use the right form for making a ban appeal. Using your own form will automatically make your appeal rejected. 
  • When your appeal got denied, you are not allowed to make a ban appeal again for 72 hours.
  • Don't ask any management, moderator, support employee to invest your ban appeal. The ban appeal will be rejected.


Normally the management or moderator employees will invest your ban appeal is 24 hours. If your ban appeal got accepted, your ban will be removed as fast as possible. Please be kind in the appeals and don't make any trouble. 


Ban appeal form

Make a new topic in the ban appeal forum and use the next form for your appeal:


Flox World Management

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